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*All hair services include haircuts and ALL product needed for the booked services (toners-extra color-wash-blow dry and heat style)

*I do not offer stand-alone services- unless it is an add-on. (EX. haircuts- wash and blowouts- eyebrow wax.)

*If you are wanting just a haircut or style, I offer haircut packages that include a deep conditioning and/or a shine treatment.


*$100/Hour for all color/chemical and extension services

*The cost of any add on services, are calculated by the time added. Not added on top of hourly rate.

*A consult prior to your appointment is recommended to get an estimate.

*Pricing estimates are based off of average service times.

*Price estimates can fluctuate up or down. Depending on different variables. The estimate is not a minimum or maximum cost. So please be prepared for any changes. 


*If you have a specific budget you would like to adhere to, please let me know prior to your service, so we can discuss what services I can provide within that budget.


*If you have specific time constraints, please let me know prior to your appointment. Rescheduling may be required, as I need enough time to complete your services. I recommend keeping at least an hour or two open after your appointment in case we need more time and to ensure you are not in a rush either.

*Timing varies based on hair thickness, length, prior color, service goal, integrity of your hair and how many sessions we need to do. Some more complex colors may need more than one session.


*A consultation is required before all new clients, corrective and fashion colors, extensions, anyone under 18, or any redos.

*Consultations can be done via text/phone call or in person. Either before or during your appointment.

*Consultations prior to your appointment is recommended.

*Waivers must be filled out prior to your appointment. (If you are under 18- a guardian must sign)         

*Anyone under 18 must have a guardian present during the consultation and during checkout. (Unless approved otherwise)


*To qualify for a redo service, the client must contact me within the 7 days of getting their hair done to schedule a redo time.

*Redo services are any technical errors on my end; spots, uneven color, color bleeding, cut adjustments, etc. 

*Redo services do not include root grow out, a change of mind on what you want, a color corrective service where multiple services were discussed on having to achieve your desired look.


*Deposits are required to reserve your appointment. $50 for standard services. $100 for more complex services.

*Extensions require a full deposit of whatever the cost of the hair is. Hair will not be ordered until full deposit is received. 


*If you are running late, please notify me as soon as possible.

*There is a 10-minute grace window to arrive.

*If you are going to be arriving after 10 minutes, please notify me as soon as possible.

*Anything after 1o minutes with no contact, will be assumed as a no-show. (See cancelation and no-show policy below)

* If you are running late, your booked service may need to be altered, or rescheduled. (Alterations include, but are not limited to, skip a haircut, no blow dry, or no styling, etc.)
*There may be times when I am running late with a previous client and may need to push your appointment out a little.

I will always try to let you know as soon as possible. And for the inconvenience, I will offer to add a complimentary deep conditioning mask. (3 minutes, not the full 20 min treatment) 

*You will not have any repercussions if I am running behind


24-Hour Cancellation Policy

To allow myself to be able to see the request and confirm it in time, allow other clients the chance to fill that spot and give us enough time to figure out when we can set your next appointment up- I require that all clients make any changes to their appointments at least24-hours in advance.



If you need to CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE your appointment- with an OVER 24-hour notice- your deposit WILL TRANSFER to the next appointment. With NO additional deposits or fees. OR REFUNDED.


If you CANCEL or RESCHEDULE your appointment UNDER the 24-hours, your deposit WILL BE COLLECTED. A new appointment can be made- But a NEW DEPOSIT will be required.


If you NO-SHOW your appointment with no attempt to contact me to inform me- your deposit WILL BE COLLECTED. A new appointment can be made- A NEW DEPOSIT will be required.


*3 violations in total, will need to be further discussed before we can proceed with any more appointments. 

*I will always give a heads up if I am running late or need to reschedule as soon as possible.

*If I ever need to cancel under 24-hours, I do apologize in advance. I will always offer a complimentary add-on for the inconvenience.  As of now, you can pick a full deep conditioning treatment or a glossing shine treatment. (25 min of extra time at no charge)

*Pricing and policies are subject to change

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