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Hello! My name is Cory Rock.
I am the founder and owner of Spellbound Beauty. 
I have been a cosmetologist for a little over 10 years, focusing on my passion for hair and skin.
Well, I guess we could actually say, that my hair career started when I was just about 4 years old.
In the middle of the night-before what was supposed to be family photos-
I gave myself a very short bob. The next day, turned into me getting my haircut 'touched up' at the mall instead of the photos with my family. Apparently, there wasn't too much to fix. Aside from the long strip in the back (because I could not reach) So, I guess I did a pretty decent job.

At the moment, I am focusing my business on my continuous and forever growing love for hair and skin. I love to transform and help bring out confidence to people by creating mesmerizing hair color and glamourous extensions for them. Of course, with the added touches of precision haircuts and flowing styles. But it does not stop there! 

I have taken my years of being a professional stylist very seriously. Not only by practice, but with continuous education, certifications, investments and creations. 
Alongside the physical work of doing hair, I am very adamant about giving proper and detailed education and instruction to my clients and peers. I want everyone to know the proper ways of how to have the best hair and skin, not only in the chair, but at home.

In my years of doing hair, I have gone through quite a few different experiences and environments. All of which has helped me progress my own knowledge and experience that has got me to where I am today. Aside from working behind the chair, I was also a beauty school floor instructor for a little over a year. I am passionate about education as well as the craft and I aspire to one day be an educator for other professionals, while still being there for my clients.

With beauty comes knowledge. And with knowledge comes power. Spellbound is a company that aspires to help people with recognizing their power, and to embrace their outward beauty. Not by creating it- but by enhancing it, in hopes that they too can know how beautiful they are and build confidence in being able to show everyone their inner beauty. Everyone deserves to feel magical, not only in my chair- but out in their own worlds too. To feel glamorous, to feel radiant, and to leave others feeling, spellbound.


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